Real Talk. Xenoblade Chronicles X & Zelda U curb stomp FFXV/KH3's reveal

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Rurouni720 posted...
^Yet both are still being pushed away especially due to one of them being stuck in limbo due to horrid management.

X always had average faces, but since when were detailed graphics a selling point of delivery when the game (outside of faces) always looked good? Do you even know what the hell you're talking about with downgraded visuals? And take your bad opinions about jankey artstyle someone else.

Lol, let's not get to mad because somebody dared to have a different opinion. You will make it through this. You will be alright.
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My collection,
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As a JRPG gamer, do we gain anything if one suck and don't sell?

As a genre, JRPG needs all the representation it can get.
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I don't care about Kingdom Hearts and FFXV is the exact opposite of what needs to happen in order to make me want to buy it. On the other hand, Xenoblade X payed off for all of the hype I had for it so far and Hyrule Warriors looks like a really fun update to a series that has been stagnant for a while. For me, the winner is obvious.
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MonadAlvis posted...
C 2>1. That KH3 teaser was very hype though.

You mean that CG render that looked like PS3 graphics?
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nonexistinghero posted...
MonadAlvis posted...
C 2>1. That KH3 teaser was very hype though.

You mean that CG render that looked like PS3 graphics?

Yeah, that one. Can't wait for the game.
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C. FF has been dead post FF9. And KH is unfortunately KH.
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Being a FF fan, I forced myself to play through FF13 and FF13-2, when lightning returns was released and I played it for about 30 minutes, I probably uttered WTF for more than 10 times and felt like throwing the controller at the screen. After the first tutorial mission, I asked my friend who already finished the game if the ending of the whole game is what I thought it is from the first mission, and apparently it is what I guessed it is just from playing first mission. That's how bad the story has became and I could no longer continue playing that game, making it the first FF game I can't being myself to finish playing. This is not to say that FF13 and FF13-2 are good, no, they are horrible, just that I've reached my limit at lightning returns.

So no, not going to have high expectations for FF15. Never liked KH series in the first place so no.
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I can't really go with anything else just because Xeno and Zelda have been my two favourite series for a long time which both contain some of my all time favourite games

that and I never managed to get into Kingdom Hearts... not really sure why.
Final Fantasy 15 looks like it could be interesting though, definitely something I'd buy when I get round to getting a PS4
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Mostly because Xeno and Zelda are actually coming out soon, and you can tell. KH3 was like "look at this tech demo that doesn't represent the final game!" I liked XV's reveal but the fact that it's skipping E3 makes me wonder about what we've seen so far and how much of it will be in the final game.

Hell, by the time FFXV and KH3 come out we might be talking about the next Monolith and Zelda game.
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