Anyone know how the main character's skills are decided?

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Having played Xenoblade Chronicles, I never liked playing as Shulk and hoping that I would be able to play the main character as more of a spellcaster like Melia if possible. Are they letting us choose a skill set from the beginning, have a wild variety of skills that we can pick and choose from, or is the info just not out yet?

Did you realize you could play as Melia instead in Xenoblade? You could switch the party around as much as you wanted. You don't even need Shulk (outside of his Monado powers) for a lot of the game.

Yes I use Melia as my main, Shulk was almost always out of the party. Melia's magic made it unnecessary for physical fighters against mechon at least as far as I got.
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There are various classes that you can change into on the fly, any time you want. You can mix and match skills from these various classes, in order to make a sort of "hybrid" class if you so wish.

That's explained in one of these videos, I believe. (class explanation starts at the 39:24 mark)

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