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Urgent! Xenoblade Dev Monolith Soft Are Recruiting Designers (Archived)
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Xenogears/Xenosaga/Xenoblade? (Archived)kamui8061/14/2014
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This game is being forgotten. :/ (Archived)
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Tetsuya Takahashi should win a directors award (Archived)
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This game is the best example of graphical gap between console generations (Archived)HipsterManPrime61/12/2014
Had a dream about the official title reveal. (Archived)bluesplus191/10/2014
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So I haven't been following this game that close, do we know what it is yet? (Archived)Justice9840561/7/2014
Need some clarification about Soraya Saga (Archived)Mazryonh41/6/2014 month will be almost the anniversary of the first trailer... (Archived)
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Has the game been confirmed to not be Xenoblade chronicles 2? (Archived)Gallusz21/4/2014
What could Doll stand for? (Archived)
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