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I would really like to get into Xenoblade Chronicles but... (Archived)
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Someone has said on Twitter that the website confirms Mrs. Saga's involvement? (Archived)Jaewong211/7 9:46PM
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Confirmed that this takes place in the same universe as Xenoblade. (Archived)
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"Some of the quests will further the main storyline..." (Archived)
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Without the Monado and seeing into the future, I think this game will..... (Archived)
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Can't wait to explore the seedy underbelly of New LA ruled by the Nopon cartel. (Archived)BeanBeanKingdom511/6 6:39PM
Tatsu seems to be the playable Nopon. (Archived)
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Will Space Hogan be playable? (Archived)
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US switches to Celsius in the future confirmed (Archived)
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This game will be beloved by feminists worldwide (Archived)
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Stuff I've noticed in the new gameplay clip which has been polished. (Archived)
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