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For the two year aniversery of this game's announcement, I think they might...
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JorentyIII5412/22 1:29AM
I hope this game features Dante from the Devil May Cry seriesIAmMC2512/15 9:27AM
Does this game still exist?Humanoid_Sharks312/12 1:12AM
seeing as atlus doesn't care about the main series anymoreSilverMoonVita812/11 11:56PM
I sorta hope my Awakening wife isn't in the game.
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PrettyTonyTiger2112/11 10:53AM
Attention Pitiable SoulsLemmy-Koopa912/10 3:11PM
There's a very slight possibility that something will show up after BR and P4D. (Archived)Crok425811/9 12:38PM
Wii U and 3DS Nintendo Direct set for 11/05/2014 (Archived)
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Crimson-haired1411/6 1:59AM
This game can now be Pre-Ordered at Best Buy (Archived)graymam310/15 3:23PM
i am calling it now (Archived)WellComeOn110/7 4:08PM
Break Record is still alive, so what about this game? (Archived)Solar_Crimson69/25 9:17PM
Who's ready to hear nothing about this game Friday? (Archived)kazooie95989/16 3:21PM
Nintendo Livestream 8 Hours Of Upcoming Games On September 12th (Archived)ilikeikeilikeik59/10 12:16AM
Shin Megami Tensei or Fire Emblem? (Poll)
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Gandolftheman199/8 10:30AM
I Did Some Research on SMT Demons, and... (Archived)CalamityRaven2618/19 7:38AM
I wonder how alignments will play a part in this game... (Archived)
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MightySoldier26118/19 7:33AM
Is this game cancelled yet? (Archived)
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OrangeCrush980198/11 3:50AM
What do you anticipate for the combat? (Archived)
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cpthurme177/28 8:38PM
So, yeah... does anyone even care anymore? (Archived)
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CrisisOfFate287/26 2:31PM
I'd be funny/sad if Chrom gets shafted in this game as well. (Archived)Solar_Crimson37/23 10:42AM