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Shin Megami Tensei or Fire Emblem? (Poll)Gandolftheman107/23 1:03PM
I'd be funny/sad if Chrom gets shafted in this game as well.Solar_Crimson37/23 11:42AM
So, yeah... does anyone even care anymore?
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CrisisOfFate257/21 11:09PM
how is this game going to work?Malimario9847/17 9:02AM
Anyone else hoping for....ZechtAurion57/15 11:22AM
I wonder how alignments will play a part in this game...MightySoldier2647/15 6:21AM
What do you anticipate for the combat?
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cpthurme167/13 9:39AM
Is this game cancelled yet?
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OrangeCrush980167/11 11:16PM
I really hope they include the Devil Children charactersBiased_Gamer47/9 10:28AM
You can never escaping the dating simulator.Keirndmo47/8 4:20PM
Shin Megami or Fire Emblem?... Hmm...Magical-Soul87/3 11:01AM
They asked about this game during the Codename: S.T.E.A.M. Q&A. (Archived)
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Solar_Crimson117/2 12:56AM
So, it's Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem, so Persona characters = No. (Archived)
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SorcerousTiger127/1 9:14AM
Game is still in development (Archived)Shad0wg00n36/28 11:20PM
What kind of gameplay do you want, SRPG or RPG (Poll)MagatsuIzadachi36/24 12:56PM
Do you think Anri will be in this game? (Archived)AnriHeroKing106/23 8:11AM
Why is Ike in Super Smash 4? Does it have anything to do with this crossover? (Archived)SgtKickass92686/18 6:08AM
Anyone think the reason why this game as well as Break Record are AWOL... (Archived)Solar_Crimson66/16 1:10PM
I'm very glad this game was mentioned at E3 (Archived)NewbieN00b56/12 4:04PM
I can't wait to hear nothing about this game at E3! (Archived)
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kazooie959176/12 12:50PM