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How much fanservice will this game have? (Archived)
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Aegis and Thanatos better be in here, idc if it's just a cameo (Archived)RX02Banshee95/13/2013
Are Tommy and Jason in this game? (Archived)MetalLoki35/12/2013
Are Jin and Akira in this game? (Archived)Ghetsis55/12/2013
Would you be happy if this was turned into a fighting game instead? (Poll)
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Is KyoryuRed Carnivel mode in this game? (Archived)MetalLoki25/11/2013
My hopes for this game... (Archived)TheMasterTurtle65/11/2013
found the persona character (Archived)powerprotoman65/11/2013
Is Jack Black in this game? (Archived)ViewtifulGene85/10/2013
Remixed Music? (Archived)mini_link65/8/2013
Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem (Archived)MasterPoker75/8/2013
Are Rei Reiho and Nemissa in this game? (Archived)
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Do you think this game will use sprite art? (Archived)Emerald_Melios45/6/2013
Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem: Ibunroku Persona (Archived)
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Character poll (Archived)
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So am I the only here with a Wii U? (Archived)
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I hope all the genital shaped demons are in this. (Archived)NeonOctopus35/3/2013
Why isn't this on the PS4? (Archived)
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Here's what my OTP would be for this game (Archived)Koro-Sensei54/30/2013
Might make a "what-if?" char and stage list if this game was a fighter instead. (Archived)Rasen54364/30/2013