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Fan Theory: Megami Tensei and Trauma Center exist in the same universe (Archived)
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Would you rather have this take place in a Modern or Fantasy setting? (Poll)EDumey103/23/2013
Do people really think fire emblem is becoming more anime-like? (Archived)
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Since this game has been announced I've seen a lot of stupidity but this... (Archived)
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Would Wii U be your first choice for this game? (Archived)
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how many FE villains are SMT demons? (Archived)BlueswordsX63/22/2013
A cross-over RPG.... (Poll)
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So theres gonna be Baten Kaitos characters in this, right? (Archived)Strain4253/22/2013
Your reaction if... (Archived)
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I just realized something. (Archived)258laza63/21/2013
Who else would like this cancelled for the WIi U and put on the 3DS? (Poll)
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My main quarrel with Atlus as a whole and NOT just Persona or Megaten (Archived)
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Sain vs. Anthony (Poll)CrisisOfFate43/20/2013
Are Seliph and Leif in this game? (Archived)Solar_Crimson23/20/2013
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I bought Devil Survivor Overclocked. My first Megaten title wooooo! (Archived)
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