Why does this game just randomly crash when playing?

#1SpacedDuckPosted 7/14/2013 1:59:49 PM
I just got a brand new PC that can more than handle this game however the game just randomly boots me to Windows and stops working.

I've read that my GPU and this game don't get along "GTX 780' but wondering what I need to do to fix it.

The game is actually quite fun and a great COOP game.

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#2CapwnDPosted 7/14/2013 2:13:30 PM
Same problem, and I have the same card.

So far this is working and hasn't crashed once since. I started with this, but only did up to running as admin.



Delete your "bin" Folder and apply the MP-Fix V4 again
Run the "NZA.exe" as Administrator
Press ALT + Enter, if you have a black screen
Or go into Nvidia control panel>Manage 3D settings> and set everything to default/Application-Controlled
Delete File "\bin\Steam_API.dll"

So I deleted the bin folder from


and extracted that MP-Fix to that folder, which gives you a new BIN folder and the NZA.exe inside.

Run NZA.exe as administrator. I navigated to the screen to continue, and saw that it was greyed out. Quit the game, and go back to steam, and right click the game>>properties>>Local Files>>verify integrity of game cache"

It now launches from steam again, my progress was still there, and I haven't had a problem since.
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#3CapwnDPosted 7/14/2013 2:15:20 PM
And when I say "haven't had a problem since" I mean I just did this about 40 minutes ago and it's been fine since then!

But it got me over the constant crashing which started up in that wave survival in the first level.
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#4CapwnDPosted 7/14/2013 4:49:52 PM
Well it was a good run, made it to the second level, then I went back to show a friend the first level and I got crashed again. But I was running pretty fast through it.
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#5Tiberius1151Posted 7/17/2013 9:54:51 PM
I have played for 3 hours and experienced no crashes. Has to be your machine like you said :(. Sucks cuz this game is fun to kill time with.
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#6CapwnDPosted 7/18/2013 10:06:08 AM
It's been fine except for the things I mentioned above. Ever since I did that "fix" it was ok, except when I stared the level over when showing a friend, and it felt like I got ahead of the action. I'm running it nearly maxed out on everything.

It really is a great game. Really liking it so far.
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#7somebody336Posted 8/8/2013 12:08:52 AM
I heard that if you turn off Advanced shadows it would fix it. Dont have time to test it today though :p
#8somebody336Posted 8/8/2013 11:28:34 PM
After testing for awhile turning off advanced shadows and ambient collision solved the problem for me.
#9CapwnDPosted 8/23/2013 7:54:28 PM
Nice, if it starts happening to me again I'll do that.

For me it was only happening in co-op, and I wasn't the host so I'd just restart the game and come back in.
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