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3 years ago#1
Can people start posting what it takes to evolve certain cards? I've got some human and beast cards that I have 4 out of 5 things that I need but one is grayed out and I have absolutely no idea what I need or what I need to be looking for...

Thanks guys!
3 years ago#2
I've evolved a number of 5* cards. For example, i evolved urd from her first basic form to her ultimate History Writer Urd form. All the high level evolves involve some combination of the 4th (last) form elemental spirits and the 3rd (last) form of the blue egg, green pig thing or red sword cards.
They can all be obtained in one of the battle of the day, but are fairly difficult fights, at least for me. I'm currently working on the 4th seal, to give an idea of where I am.
3 years ago#3
Today's (wednesday) battle of the day is Hunting day, which let's you get the green pig things. You'd want to do the third battle to (possibly) get the third form one though.
3 years ago#4
Today (thursday) is gem hunting day. You can get the blue egg cards.

I have to say, of the blue egg, green pig and red sword cards, at highest form the blue egg is the strongest. Enough defense to negate 2000-3000 damage hits so most attacks do only 1 damage, yet unlike the swords they have a big life pool too, like 20000-30000. The big one seems to do 9000 damage a hit too, so it can easily oneshot teams that dont have a hp boost leader.
3 years ago#5
Thanks Enclosure! It was driving me nuts.. I had everything except for the highest element. I get the feeling those battles will be really tough though. Kind of wish the game would let you keep cards even if you die for those really difficult spots.
3 years ago#6
Today (friday) is day of elements. Get the elements cards today. Note that hearts don't drop on this battle, so just go all out attack. Only decent way of healing would be an Eternal Idun.

I actually have yet to get the 4th element card for light and dark though. I've met them a few times on day of elements but they never drop their card for me.
3 years ago#7
I actually got the dark one yesterday. Evolved my sorceress instead of my dark strat. Also got Duncan up all the way. Now I'm waiting for blue and red to get a real team together
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