Do you think that if/when they release Swap Force Sidekicks that they could swap

#1WhiteFox1992Posted 10/17/2013 9:46:19 PM
Do you think they would be swap-able sidekicks?

Comparing advertisement to "Trigger Happy," "Tree Rex," and "Gill Grunt"
I think two will be "Wash Buckler", and "Blast Zone"

Comparing advertisement to "Terrafin," "Eye-Brawl," and "Ninjini"
I think the other two would be "Stink Bomb," and "Night Shift"
#2LastjusticePosted 10/18/2013 12:37:40 AM
I highly doubt they'd put that much effort into sidekicks since they have no combat function. I mean they used giants as the basis for the second set of sidekicks but they still weren't any different from the first wave of them. I'd be really surprised if they made sidekicks that were swappable. I definitely could see them using the Swapforce for the basis to make their sidekicks but being swappable very unlikely.

Only thing is none of the swapforce are female, so makes me think they might use the regular new skylanders so they have a girl among them. Every sidekick has had one female in the group.

-Wave 1
Whisper Elf
Gil Runt
Trigger Snappy

- Wave 2
Mini Jini

Swap force girls are...

Punk Shock -they always seem have an aquatic animal (Whale, Shark, fish) Skylander...might be her. She makes a strong case based off their past choices.

Scratch- The sidekicks have never been on all 4s, so not likely.

Star Strike- I could see them make a very cute tiny version of her.

Smoulderdash- She has a simple enough body type, should would work well if they picked her.

Roller brawl- She has a odd design(spikey ,skates for feet.), don't know if she'd shrink down well.
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