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4 years ago#21
@greatmightym there are answers to this question in relevantly titles threads....

@sean- (in case you didn't notice already) that bug that afflicts the light in the cavern appears to be similar to other bus related to light/filters on the screen? eg when using swap in the first temple, if you go to the room with torchlighting where its dim, that light ing effect seems to carry over to the rest of the dungeon. i also wondered if that was why, walking around archives, if you move to the non-archive areas (47-49 gate connector, or the other greyed out rooms) they stay in full color?
4 years ago#22
Seth Huber posted...
On the last level, where its all gold and fire and you release the lava, you can walk around in the tree filled walls and clip through screens and skip the cutscene where eveything gets set on fire. There are several rooms where you can walk through the walls.

First of all amazing game, Sean and Jonathan should be very proud of their hard work. Anyway I took screen shots and highlighted the glitch(es) that Seth mentioned.

Just a reference to the developers so they know what advertising is helping get their name out there. I found Anodyne on promobay/piratebay whatever you want to call it. After enjoying the game for a lil bit I went on steam greenlight to vote and will be donating whatever I can this Monday. The game is great and hopefully you guys get enough donations/people buying the game to keep you making more great games.
4 years ago#23
Been having a lot of fun with this game. Found a bug (or perhaps easter egg). Near the boss of the Apartment area there is a puzzle with a hole in the floor adjacent to the wall (part of a scare-the-bug-onto-the-button puzzle). If you jump over the hole and through the wall, you enter a glitch zone of messed up graphics (as you're now outside the rooms of the map).

I've also been having some trouble in that area actually, pure gameplay wise:
After I beat the ghost boss of the apartment area, nothing much seems to happen. I go to the right and encounter a ladder that is blocked by stones or something. I wander all around but there's nowhere to go that i can find. I couldn't seem to leave either due to the blue cubes near the entrance. The only way I was able to proceed was to use the 'return to entrance' function from the menu. But was anything supposed to happen there? It seemed weird to need to backtrack (and even then I couldn't get out without the menu option). Or am I missing something?

Thanks for any assistance.
4 years ago#24
If you beat the final boss, move to the next room, and then immediately go back into the boss room, stuff goes nuts.
4 years ago#25
Ah, final found it. Thank you very much! Great game so far - so various without using a lot of gear and stuff. Wonderful!
4 years ago#26

yeah the one in the gold area was a really stupid's been fixed in my most recent patch, still just going o fix a a bunch of other stuff before I put up a new patch.

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4 years ago#27
clayflute22422 posted...

yeah the one in the gold area was a really stupid's been fixed in my most recent patch, still just going o fix a a bunch of other stuff before I put up a new patch.


If I come across anything else, I'll post my findings.

And again awesome game.
4 years ago#28
These glitches were found on the Apartment Building level:
1. This hole can be bypassed by jumping.
2. Demonstrating the easy jump...
3. The screen scrolling down, turning into a glitch-fest.
4. Going over two screens and then going up at around partially half way to the middle of the screen. You cannot get stuck here just because you can jump over the ladder and make the screen scroll down, returning you to the glitch screen.
5. Where the ladder leads to. Once again, just performing a jump over the ladder returns you to the glitch screen.
6. Jumping up at this point can scroll the screen up, which leads to...
7. This blob. An easter egg? Or something intended only for developers to see? I don't know.

You can also jump and scroll the screen at certain other points in the game, like at Cliff Cave dungeon. The stairs that lead down to the room right before the boss can be jumped over and scroll you up to the boss. You'll fall in the pit and respawn in the middle initiating the fight. Also, during this fight, you can go to the left of him and up and through the wall and wail on him. Not sure if the hands shoved me through or if I just walked through. When I had defeated him, I jumped which caused Young to be floating through air but his broom and other things to be on the ground where he belonged...
Awesome Mode
4 years ago#29
xDefiant6x posted...
These glitches were found on the Apartment Building level:


Ya, I have fixed those. The hand thingy is one i know about andwill deal with. thanks1!
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