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Post-game item collection (spoilers)

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4 years ago#1
Hopefully someone else reads this... anyhow, allegedly, via following twitter feed, there's a 49th card of a red square somewhere in the game. beyond that, all i can tell you is the account, another dev, said he had to 'glitch' to get there. i'm not sure if that meant going into the 'glitchy' zones you can access via swap, or if he actually had some debug powers (it seemed like he and the game dev were friendly and that he might be sort of testing the game). if anyone has any idea, let me know!

that said, i also have 48 cards, the first 2 rows of the "???" filled up, and the blue, green, black, and white cubes below that; so if you're missing any of those and want help, or if you have any other (cubes) presumably that go in the 3rd or 4th row of ???, happy to help/get help!
4 years ago#2
You found the blue *AND* green cubes? Impressive!

I thought it would take a little longer for people to find those. I'm Sean btw ( ) . Good luck with the rest! Hopefully someone else knows.
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4 years ago#3
The blue one especially. I am impressed. I thought it would take forever for someone to find it.
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4 years ago#4
thanks! in retrospect, i got there the 'hard' way too, going around the perimeter.... i later figured out to how to more cleverly swap tiles to allow walking through areas like that. personally, getting to the black cube felt more rewarding. blue was a bit more brute force ;).

and i'll take it that, unless you're sadistic, that at least means card 49 is reachable via normal ingame methods, so that's nice to know at least.
4 years ago#5
Oh- and other puzzle i know about, for those who stumble upon (and again, happy to help with those i've found, just trying to minimize spoilers here)...

if you swap left in the briar garden (ie color swap puzzle area) you'll come across two rooms.

one has a treasure chest surrounded by four gates, as well as the 4 color tiles, above it, is a similar room with no gates and treasure, only it looks like someone has swapped out a bunch of tiles. here's what i know about hte room so far:

1. if you enter in such a way that you are touching one of those gates, it will stay down as you stand on the tile. unfortunately, i have had 0 luck entering in a way such that you land on the gate that directly blocks the treasure chest.

2. multiple times, i've tried reconstructing the 'swapped out looking' room in the treasure chest room, thinking recreating the scene might be the trigger for the gate. as best as i can tell, that does not work. i did it a few times to ensure no errors, but of course can't be 100% sure... also, many of the edge/center tiles look the same. it's possible that there are *specific* edges/grey bits you have to move around, if they are uniquely tagged (or however you're supposed to say that), and so while i created a room that 'looked' the same, it wasn't. that would be really unfortunate given how many identical looking tiles there are, so i'm assuming that it just means i'm off in my thinking of recreating the swapped up room.

3. i tried a couple permutations of this idea, like just moving the color tiles to their swapped locations, or trying to move the color tiles to where they go in the original puzzle (though i may have been off on those locations, since i couldn't remember exactly which combo there worked), but to no avail as well.
4 years ago#6
I've tried the solution to the color block puzzle as well, but it didn't work. I'm also stumped about the chest in the forest which is barred by 2 gates. there's one of those rabbits that runs away on the screen.

I'm stuck at 46 cards (augh), and can't open the last gate without the 47th. I've explored every area of the game quite thoroughly.

I also found the blue cube, but not the others. I found out you can swap in a way that makes every screen accessible, apart from the ones with "unswappable" barriers (like the fiery area). Not sure if it was intended though. You can basically swap "walkable" tiles from the edge of the screen on the left side and the top side.

edit: I also found another swap upgrade by swapping around, which didn't seem to do much. Not sure if intended.

edit2 : The cards I'm missing are : the leftmost card in the second row on page 4, and the middle card in the last row on page 4.
4 years ago#7
Yep- discovered second swap upgrade and the way to walk through (nearly) every area. A notable exception is in the distorted/beginning area, as well as the archives.

Happy to tell you about the 2 gates rabbit area if you'd like. that one had me for a while.

oh, also, using that 'walk through any area' trick you can bug your way around the Nexus zone quite a bit, including finding a switch that seems to do nothing =/, and a peak at an area you normally can't see until after you have 47 cards.

by distorted/beginning, i mean the "alternate tower" rift (ie by windmill), which, if you bug your way around that zone, you'll find what i mean when i say beginning area ;)
(message deleted)
4 years ago#9
Hmm by beginning area I'm assuming you mean the nexus? I've found a way to walk around it, and found a random button that didn't seem to do anything (no puzzle-solved jingle).

If you can offer a hint or two for the rabbit treasure, I'd love to hear it. It's driving me nuts.
4 years ago#10
one of those cards is past the 47 gate... the other one (bottom row), i think is quite easy to find, have you looked around the street area that is the first gate you go through? i think its in there (otherwise i'm mistaken about which card this is).

as for the rabbit, i apologize that its hard to give a hint without giving it away, but i will just say, he can move awfully, awfully, slow without actually stopping.
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