Post-game item collection (spoilers)

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4 years ago#11
I did forget to check that area, I found the card in 2 seconds haha.
4 years ago#12
I figured out the rabbit's behavior, but I still can't get the gates to go down. Do I have to stand in a specific location?

Also found white and black cubes.
4 years ago#13
you do not. and they will go down. i have a feeling you may not have entirely figured out its bheavior (i didn't for a while). you may want to wait till tonight to handle it ;). btw, interestingly, dunno if you saw, but the archives is on the same map as that grey area in between gate 47 and nexus/gate 49.
4 years ago#14
Oh god... I'm reminded of the energizer bunny... He keeps going and going... For how long?! One gate down, one to go.
4 years ago#15
i said tonight for a reason. i went to sleep on that nonsense- i know that he goes off back into the fores on the other side before gate 2 comes down ;)
4 years ago#16
Thought i was soooo clever. So, you may have noticed that bottom of screen with gate 47 has unmovable walls. as do, for a while, the screens to right or left on the bottom.

i thought that that must be there for a reason, as in, that screen below maybe had something, so i walked through to the equivalent in buggy land to see if maybe i could get down there. sure enough, i could get through. unfortunately, the screen below is entirely blank save two white spaces at the bottom. at the moment, i don't know if that's a screen that exists elsewhere, and i just can't remember it, or if its a unique screen. either way, didn't appear anything is there ( of course, it could whatever is there only shows up in the real zone, not buggy zone).

that said, it is odd that the bottom of this whole zone has 'can not swap' on. is this map connected to anything that we know of? (in the way that the archive and its two portal zones also connect to what i call the 'temple', the area that connects gate 47 to gate 49 portion of nexus)
4 years ago#17
Got the green cube. Most tedious.

I'm still missing the second ??? item in the second row.

I'm going to investigate the two hidden color block puzzles some more and see if I can get the gates to go down. From what I can tell, the top one does nothing. I've tried rearranging the tiles and placing the blocks in a variety of ways, but it doesn't do anything.
4 years ago#18
I can tell you what it is, but i have no idea where i got it at this point, sorry =/. as i look at it, i do think that screen is some part of that zone unseen otherwise, wonder what to do about getting there.

lemme know how the color room works out. i really wanted that top room to be a key for how you need to reorganize the bottom room. but wishing won't make it happen haha.
4 years ago#19
Well I still have an extra key for the hotel area, my guess is that the item's there. Unless you have an extra key as well. Then it's a deeper mystery altogether.

edit : Have you noticed the chest on the screen to the right of the 49 gate? I'm trying to figure out a way to get to it, perhaps there's an invisible path.
4 years ago#20
Oh my, I think I've figured out a most amazing glitch. It might help get to those inaccessible areas. I'm not sure how exactly to recreate it yet, but when you fall in a pit, jump right as you respawn, transition screens, and "return to nexus" with the menu, you are momentarily able to walk very fast and most importantly walk through anything! I've only been able to go left when I return to the nexus though, which sucks.

I've done this glitch in the area with the 36 gate, by swapping my way to the screens full of pits near the left bridge.
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