Post-game item collection (spoilers)

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3 years ago#181
Anything new? I spent hours walking through blank frames. Theres a bunch of numbers written in the void above the first dungeon if you swap past the entrance. I'm not sure if they have any meaning.
3 years ago#182
those numbers provide (most of) the solution to the puzzle for the red cube.
3 years ago#183
Found the undiscovered secret!
From the gardens nexus portal go up a room and right, then swap right. There are 5 text rocks.
The only issue is I can't find any way to get to them!
3 years ago#184
alas no, these rocks are confirmed as leftover from an earlier version of the game when they were in the garden and provided hints to the (now removed) puzzle.
3 years ago#185
Hmm ...
I think i'm bad ... Really bad ...
I need the 37th/40th/46th card but i can't found them.
I had found the door who need 47 cards anyways.
And i'm bad with the glitch ... How i do that ?
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