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4 years ago#31
valcfield posted...
boom. got it. that screen works. you need to swap to right edge of screen, two below treasure chest. then, walk off to the right into glitch zone, and while falling there, return to nexus. that'll set you onto the ledge, it will bounce between two screens, then settle you on there.

Wahaha got it! Do you figure this was the intended way? How crazy!
4 years ago#32
no. it wasn't- dev (sean) tweeted back at me that this was not how he did it. that said, its a pretty easy set of coincidences- that zone has a lot of places where you can get stuck in a fall loop, which means you're very likely to return-nexus out of there, which means you're likely to glitch up to that general area.

i first discovered the fall-glitch because of that area, and glitched to the 49 gate, so that's i figured i'd start testing it out there. given that falling on the left side glitched me left of 49... going to the right side was an easy guess... so it is not so improbable to stumble upon that as a solution. but. unintended nonetheless hehe.

the room you end up in made me realize why there is a no swap set up, and also why the zone below gate 47 is blocked off...

by the way, as i try to solve 4-gate-tile-treasure... were there always rocks in the middle of nowhere to the right of the section that has the stairs down to the cave ?(where it tells you to visit the archive entrance) i can't believe i missed those... but then also thought maybe they were the rocks from the stabilize puzzle and just got moved there in the patched version... either way... if anyone has found a way to read them let me know.
4 years ago#33
Indeed. Well, as for the next order of business, here's a recap of the in-game hint:

Hello Young! It seems that [...] fiftieth card [...] maybe you shouldn't [...] worth thinking about! Do you think you're ready? Wake up...

A twitter convo (yours actually, haha) points out that the title screen does not display 50 cards, so the 50th card might just be... A red herring! Maybe you're actually supposed to swap to the other side of gate 50 and never actually open it.

As for the guys asking for help with gathering post-game items, I believe the advice of going on every possible screen on every map is sound. Also, get used to the swapping mechanics, and remember that you can swap walkable tiles in most areas on "the outside" of the screen on the left side and top side. For the more obscure treasures, like the rabbit one, follow the advice on this thread. If you still can't figure it out, maybe you should WAIT a while. And when I say wait a while, I mean wait for a very long while. Literally put a movie on.

edit : I found the rocks, but can't access them either, and I've reached the same conclusion you have. Also, can you actually go down those stairs? I'm playing 1.504 and the stairs are just a random tile, I can swap them around and can't interact in any other way.

edit2 : also, you had to glitch to get the black cube? You do mean the one in the debug map with a weird room with an expanding/retracting black square in the middle? I've found a way to open the gate there and didn't have to glitch anything.
4 years ago#34
Ok got the blue cube, also found a strange area in the southern part of the grass area. Its the only real room in the last row before the non glitch area the room above seems to hint to its entrance but there is nothing in there. For card 49 I think I it is something like the black cube way but I don't know where I should look.
4 years ago#35
Oh, there is no next order of business. if you read the original tweets you saw about the 49th card/glitching... it's a mislead/you really should listen to the terminal and not worry about it. plus, based on what i saw in the glitched zone, there really is nothing one zone above that area ;).

yeah you can interact with the stairs- you may have to finish the 'somebody looking for someone' quest, if you haven't? i think mitra starts it off, you end up talking to a bunch of people, eventually leads you to the stairs. pretty sure i had to do that before i could get in them (though at the time i wasn't sure that was the case, or if i had just a poor job trying to walk into them the first time).

ha! you can open that gate? yea, i went the long way around to get there... knowing there's another solution makes it way less interesting.
4 years ago#36
Hmm Mitra doesn't start the quest for me, perhaps because she's stuck in her "pre final boss" speech. I assume I had to talk to her previously to get in those stairs. Oh well.

As for the black cube puzzle, you should tackle it with the same frame of thinking as the rabbit puzzle. In this case however, you get a different kind of cue. Namely, you hear a sound when you do a certain thing in the room.

You really think it's over? The 50 gate might lead to a "teleport on touch" tile that leads to a different area altogether, not necessarily on the screen above. I want to believe there's a way to get the chest in the color block puzzle area, at the very least.
4 years ago#37
its also possible you actually already got past her, or maybe she didn't start the line. maybe try talking to others, it may default to the next person. they all say something like "oh i saw someone come looking for something, but they wandered off to place X." it might be the guy in the beginning area forest who comes next. try him? otherwise, not missing too much.

i don't think there's a card 50 atm (although who knows if they may add one in later). i think that we should be able to get into that chest, and that it will fill in the blank in the third row (assuming you all have one, i do!).

edit: aah got through that gate. ha. i don't think i had volume on at all when i explored that room.
4 years ago#38
I do have a blank there, which I'm assuming is a red cube.

I would love to read those rocks in the inaccessible area, they might help solve the color block puzzle.
4 years ago#39
Rocks won't help- i went back to .503, and confirmed they were not there. Guess they didn't want to remove the rocks, so they just shoved them in that room hahaha.

fwiw, i think it'll be a purple cube, technically already say a red square fly out, and given the theme of purple/red/blue/green, that would be fitting ;).
4 years ago#40
Okay, got the Black and White cubes...was able to use the falling loop glitch to get to the chest off to the right of the 49 gate but the item in the chest (trying to avoid spoilers) doesn't show up in either the ??? or cards all the items (I think) in the area past the 47 gate...just missing the first item on row 1 of ??? and the Blue cube...still scratching my head on where to look for that one...also even though my card count says 47 I only count 46 cards (leaving two blank spaces...) Is that the same for everyone?

Any of you guys make any headway figuring out the color blocks puzzle off to the left of the briar garden yet?
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