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4 years ago#1
I really dont know what to do. I haven't used yet the blue key that i obtained (13 cards, 12rubies/hp)
4 years ago#2
No one answers my question. :( ill remade the question. how do you destroy the friggin rocks? how to you get the red key? where is the next dungeon? im stuck! with 15 cards
4 years ago#3
Do you have the first and third key, and are looking for the second? Have you been to the beach?
4 years ago#4
yes. and i also finshed the red place. the place under the beach
4 years ago#5
In the red place there are four dungeons...You need to fight the boss there in the fourth one.
4 years ago#6
oh. that's why. i thought i finished the red place. thanks,
4 years ago#7
is this the red place?

4 years ago#8
Yes. There are four of those portals. If you don't see them all you need to explore the other ones more.
4 years ago#9
i dont see any portals left. i only see 2 of them.. can you please screenshot the map on where it is :(
4 years ago#10
the other entrances will show up in adjacent map squares (forming a plus-shape). On the ones that aren't open you'll still see a vacant plot of land looking suspiciously empty. As you explore the existing openings into the dungeon you'll make those other entrances available (the game will make it very obvious once you've triggered one).

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