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3 years ago#1
I have all of the portals open except the 4 in the middle. I have gotten all the cards available currently and have no idea where to go. Seems like I need to be able to smash rocks in order to uncover new areas. Any help would be much appreciated.
3 years ago#2
Do you have all three keys and 36 cards? If so, there are a series of gates to open, leading to the windmill.
3 years ago#3
Isn't that how you move the statues? Where is the windmill?
3 years ago#4
That is how you move the statues, yes. Maybe I'm misremembering what order things happen in. If you have 36 cards, there is a 36 card gate for you to open, you get to it by an exit in the northwest section of the main field area (where Mitra and the shopkeep are)
3 years ago#5
Nice, I just fought and defeated the sage but now am stuck in the garden/snow area. Can't get over a chasm in the snow place and my path is blocked at the garden by a plant thing (The Briar?!). West side blocked off by some traffic cone looking thing. Been walking around for like 2 hours trying to figure it out.
3 years ago#6
You have to complete the snow area, I'm not sure what chasm you're talking about, but there is a definite end to the snow area, and then the "traffic cone" goes away
3 years ago#7
This chasm...
3 years ago#8
Actually never mind, I just figured out the wild super jump you have to do. Thanks for all of the help man. Damn that was hard...
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