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3 years ago#1
I've finished the main body of the game, but as I was trying to find post-game cards I stumbled across a plot thread I must have missed during the game itself. During the late game, I talked to someone (the lobster on the beach?) who talked about talking to someone and them leaving to go to the forest. I ignored it at the time, taking it to be either surrealism or a hint to go to the forest and cliffs if you went to the beach first. But when I went back to the forest in the post-game, the bear told me that he had met someone, obviously carrying on the thread from the lobster(?) and told me to go to the southeast (?) of the lake. I never found anyone there (he's referring to the area with Mitra and the cats, right?), so wasn't really sure what all of this was on about.

I assume it has something to do with the apparitions of Briar, which if I recall appeared on the beach (maybe), forest (certainly) and lake (I think). But if anyone can tell me what I'm chasing for sure, and clear up all my poorly remembered details, I'd appreciate it.
3 years ago#2
the quest gets you into a specific screen, which in turn sends you to what is colloquially referred to as the archives. the directions from the bear are misleading, i believe you need to look for someone in the northwest of the zone not the southeast.
3 years ago#3
So tell me if I'm doing this right: the Triangle points me towards a "shed in a well-tended field", I go back to the green area where we got Switch, actually remember the stairs in the corner this time, and find a brightly lit cave in the back pointing me towards the "other temple" and the archives. Since I never went to the stairs before, I can only presume that they're the "shed" because you've told me this is supposed to lead to the archives, but can you tell me what was going on there if you haven't completed the conversation chain? I can only assume the chain unlocked SOMETHING - it's not like the stairs were hard to find, I'm just stupid and forgot them.

Also, I glitched out and ended up with bright white glare on the top of the screen no matter where I go in the green area, that's irritating.
3 years ago#4
the stairs don't work before you finish the quest. the place they send you to is accessible before you finish the quest (and, for many of us on the board, this was the case).

dev is aware of the light glitch in that area.
3 years ago#5
Okay, thanks! And good to know that as well.

Strange line from Mitra implying that the Switch module only works in certain areas. I guess something changed during development, which would explain why all of these areas are hinted at but can easily be accessed by tunnelling through the walls.
3 years ago#6
mitra line is in reference to *before* you beat the game, where you were supposed to use swap to finish off the tile puzzle in the garden game. after the game i guess it serves as more of an ominous warning...
3 years ago#7
Do you think? Seems odd for her to be given a line of dialogue when she shows up herself at your current location during that sequence. I would have never thought to talk to her - indeed, since you have to have all the cards available at that point in the game (plus or minus the fish), there's really no reason to be anywhere BUT the garden. So if it's intended for that point in the game, which you're probably right about, there's nevertheless no reason for anyone to have ever seen it at that point in the game!
3 years ago#8
fair point. although:

1. two person team made the game. never know what got switched around/put in 'just in case' without necessarily 120% thinking through what the player might see when :)

2. i actually do kind of like it as something you don't see until *after* the swap power has now been extended. because it does give the dangerous/ominous feeling to the fact you have now unlocked the swap power for all of 'the land.' so i guess i think it is def. meant to reference the time period when 'swap' only works in the garden, but your guess is as good as mine as to when you're suposed to see that message, and what effect its meant to have?
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