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Post Game secrets: "stag" (possible spoilers)

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3 years ago#1
I was on the hunt for the secret 11 today, and misread the directions to the green cube secren, and went around through the glitchy area in the north of the secret passage (Y-coordinate -1). when i came around i couldn't get inside the area because of the 2 wall tiles, so i went one screen south and west, which led me to the screen below the screen with the green cube chest.

but something wasn't right, in the lower left of the screen there was a blue/green stag which filled up a little bit less than a quarter of the screen.
i failed to make a screenshot before i left the screen again (because i got stuck) and when i reentered to check again the stag was gone.

anyone else who saw the stag in the deep forest at (0,1) (below secret #11) ?
3 years ago#2
never come across that, but intriguing. wish you'd gotten a screen! could be the last elusive secret Sean has referenced...
3 years ago#3
I've also seen it; I will attempt to get a screen shot posted in a bit.
I am a Monster Hunter
3 years ago#4
Well, I found it, or something at least. This thing appears and disappears in what seems to be different areas.
I am a Monster Hunter
3 years ago#5
crazy, for as much as i've played this game i don't think I've ever come across that. how odd... thanks for getting the screenshot!
3 years ago#6
ok, got a screenshot in the zone i meant. seems like he appears randomly (or at a specific time per minute?) in the deep forest.
3 years ago#7
No problem. Also, just a hunch, but the "Great Stag" (that is what I am going to call it) seems to only appear in areas with a white thing in it. Are those white things beehives? Flowers? I'm not really sure. If they are beehives, that one dude in the area was talking about bees leaving their hives for an unknown reason.
I am a Monster Hunter
3 years ago#8
also what version of the game are you using? i never bothered getting a desura key... so subsequently no steam key.. so i'm still playing on 1.505? wonder if the stag mightv'e been added later.

that said, haven't spent much time in the forest area since it was fairly easy to explore (getting the damn green cube excepted)
3 years ago#9
i'm using the steam version. if you didnt encounter the stag yet try wiggling throught the screens (1 of them with a confirmed stag site) for about 1-2 minutes, if he doesnt appear in that timeframe he mightve been added in later versions
3 years ago#10
Found the Great Elk twice. Also found the giant red 'high' blob and the indigo... 'ear'... at the hotel roof.

I take it none of these are the so called final secret. Any other secret NPC found though?
By the way, at the credits they list a pinecone looking NPC, I don't remember him but I take it he's somewhere in the forest.
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