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Impressions from an NGBlack & 2 veteran (quite long, may be spoilers)nonexistinghero55/29 9:25PM
How do you all feel about NG: Sigma 2?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Real_Account235/29 3:43AM
About the other playable charactersduality4825/15 6:34PM
Online is fun as hellBlue_Inigo35/9 12:14PM
Without Online Pass, does it let play limited Rank?GaveSquirt2Lili14/29 7:50PM
Did they patch the infinite karma glitch? (Archived)falloutbeast10124/28 6:38AM
Thinking of playing this again. (Archived)OneWithanOrgan34/27 7:12PM
So how does this compare to the first two games? (Archived)lid1013104/20 8:04AM
How cool is this custom NG statue? (Archived)Luminaire34/20 7:35AM
Do you need online pass for co-op? (Archived)sonicthemegaman14/19 1:47PM
Play as Jo Hayabusa in next NG and some other wishlists (Archived)WhyWontHeFall64/18 3:57PM
Potential contents found for NG4 (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
realthanatos144/18 3:26PM
Chapter Challenge can NOT be selected...Why? (Archived)BehemothDeamon44/8 4:46PM
More active online community on PS3 or 360? (Archived)RazorX374/4 10:08PM
Looking for someone to play Trials with. (Archived)DeadPhoenix8613/31 4:25PM
Day 6A UN Claws/DS gameplay (Archived)plsticklemeryu33/25 5:52AM
How do you 'pick up' a Crystal Skull? (HERO difficulty) (Archived)BehemothDeamon83/23 6:46PM
Test of Valor 2... WTF! (Archived)MadDragonify73/22 10:59AM
What... What happened to this series? (Archived)MadDragonify103/5 2:02AM
anyone hope for NG4? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
X-SkyBlaze232/28 12:54PM
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