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Ultimate Ninja should be called Super Turbo Hyper Deluxe Ninja
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Master Ninja is stupidly broken -- or my console is (Closed)
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I found a decent way to beat the mask regent on day 7 on hard modeStallion_Prime59/25 9:41AM
for those that think off screen projectile spam is a challengetehdud29/24 12:47PM
Anyone on ninja trials or clan battles?di29739/15 8:26AM
Why are the tests of valor such BS in this game?
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So I bought Sigma 2
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Will there be NG4?
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how do you get the TEAM NINJA kanji (Archived)Huvafenfushi28/28 5:17PM
Multiplayer trophy boosting. (Archived)pixtran18/20 12:12PM
I passionately hate the twin spider tanks (venting) (Archived)
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Is this game worth getting if I enjoyed Sigma 1 and Sigma 2? (Archived)Raiden24388/15 11:20PM
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Beat it. Got a couple of questions (Archived)
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Last round of questions (Archived)
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Everything was going so well......until the final boss (Archived)
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