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boosting to level 99 and other contracts (Archived)
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This game feels....fake... (Archived)
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Back in NGBlack, how soon did you figure out that Murai was the masked man? (Archived)
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ps3 and 360 question. (Archived)Zane1225312/13/2013
Ayane's Phantom Butterfly outfit: "(Useable with all play styles.)" What? (Archived)You_Need_A_Life112/10/2013
Any Kasumi tips for Test of Valor Day 7 & 8 ? (Archived)KatanaYamato00712/7/2013
another "help me with the trial" post :) (Archived)Grimr22212/6/2013
DS4 works with this game. (Archived)xTriggerheart312/2/2013
Are there any subweapons besides the bow? (Archived)Kiyomasa512/1/2013
Clan Battle is a dick (Archived)
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Anyone else's controller freak out while playing? (Archived)D_Storm611/28/2013
Ayane day 8 UMN (Archived)godslayer88411/26/2013
"Skill locked" for Kasumi, Momiji, and Ayane. (Archived)-Codex-411/26/2013
can you use ryu or the girls in training mode? (Archived)1NN0VAT0R111/16/2013
problems I have with this game so far (Archived)
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Anyone experience loss of picture while playing the game? (Archived)V_G_Fan511/12/2013
does kasumi have a loop on clone ryu or something? (Archived)1NN0VAT0R211/10/2013
so I finally got this game (Archived)1NN0VAT0R611/7/2013
Anyone still need to unlock Kasumi/Momiji costumes? (Archived)godslayer88411/7/2013
Momiji help with lone Ninja Trials (Archived)V_G_Fan1011/6/2013
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