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I just finished it 5 minutes agoAmazingDany29/26 6:55PM
Recently bought this and beat it, didn't know how great this game was. (Archived)AzNJiNN39/4 4:59AM
Brothers, I beat the game (Archived)BattleAxeRX27/6 10:17AM
Unlocking Harder Difficulties For Chapter Challenge (Archived)RubedoXT14/29 4:41PM
Looking for someone to play Trials with Online (Archived)DeadPhoenix8614/1 9:22AM
Ninja Gaiden 3 system data save (ryu costume unlock) (Archived)Chob0Ninja112/11 4:45PM
Is there anybody out there, just nod if you can hear me.... (Archived)Tycoda81111/15 5:01PM
Anyone still play this? (Archived)RCP3_04110/29 2:51PM
A Lone warrior must restore honor to his clan..he seeks justice for the fallen.. (Archived)autobotdan19/7/2014
Dark Wings (Archived)bothalamere18/22/2014
looking to boost karma levels in clan battle... (Archived)kankuro9018/18/2014
Obtaining Heaven kanji (Archived)Seinaru_Okami26/29/2014
First impression: alwready bored...should I continue ? (Archived)SenSx55/20/2014
A sign? (ninja gaiden series future) (Archived)blackhrt55/1/2014
Any idea when the online pass will be gone? (Archived)Tidus020324/29/2014
Worth buying? (Archived)gundam_g434/26/2014
Ng community, is the dmc series hd collection worthwhile? (Archived)BattleAxeRX24/14/2014
Game needs a Dojo Mode (Archived)Boricua_Kidd21103/22/2014
You seen this dude play yet? (Archived)Boricua_Kidd2123/21/2014
finishing up master ninja on ninja gaiden2 360, so what happened with this? (Archived)ANARCHYRULZ93/16/2014
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