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Lot of people missed out. (Archived)Foxclaws112/29 7:36PM
Looking to platinum the game and need friends with mutliplayer scores (Archived)Zephyrblade17212/15 9:41PM
Tips for diamond cup in speed related challenges? (Archived)pixtran311/17 4:40PM
Do you think the leaderboards have hacked results in them? (Archived)pixtran510/27 11:26PM
Truly Awesome Trophy (Archived)pashmina62629/2 9:20AM
Seriously, a millions lums??? Really? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Is it to late for dlc? (Archived)funnyboy61326/17/2014
Still need friends for Challenge trophies (Archived)aces483946/14/2014
Looking for friends for challenges (Archived)theblack_carlo45/24/2014
PROBLEM- Game not loading save file. Continue option is greyed out. (Archived)J4CK_FL4SH15/2/2014
Finally got the plat. Would've had it much earlier if Ubi's servers weren't junk (Archived)Far-Queue14/3/2014
challenges not reporting (Archived)AlphaIcarus23/31/2014
Ghosts not appearing? (Archived)justin delible63/28/2014
breathing fire level death glitch (Archived)domjbm13/20/2014
I am really depressed that such an amazing game was not a commercial success (Archived)lod763/18/2014
Any friends for challenges? (Archived)
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Question about the controls (Archived)anxestor33/2/2014
kung foot, anyone? (Archived)wyansas23/1/2014
Permanent Price Drop for Rayman? (Archived)Troutfisch32/23/2014
Murfy Levels (Archived)
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