field orders - humiliate your next kill

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User Info: jcarey72

3 years ago#1
i heard in order to to this, you tea bag them. is that true ?

User Info: SupremeArticle

3 years ago#2
its damn true
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User Info: littlecletus

3 years ago#3
I am not sure.
Last night I killed someone, drove to their house, married their mother, and lowered their allowance.
Still did not get it.
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User Info: banana-bender

3 years ago#4
sure is I read it yesterday, and actually had to do it in TDM last night it was kinda weird.
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User Info: Kosmo240985

3 years ago#5
SupremeArticle posted...
its damn true

easiest care package/squad point there is.

and i've gotten it like 10 times so far.

all you do i crouch and stand up on a guy you kill.

it's a shot a halo crowd. since halo invented tbagging pretty much, or at least made it popular.

please not that laying down on them wont work, its gotta be a quick crouch motion.
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User Info: ThankMeNowBLEHH

3 years ago#6
Yes, I killed an enemy then I walk up to it and crouched my saggy tea and bagged them in the face. Then as soon as I stand up I hear the sound you make when you completed the objectives.

User Info: jcarey72

3 years ago#7
that is all kinds of awesome

User Info: aDomination

3 years ago#8
This field order made tea bagging a real thing not something made up in Halo.
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User Info: MikePaw1

3 years ago#9
This is awesome.

User Info: Damascus85

3 years ago#10
I was wondering how to complete this order all day yesterday. Then, while playing with a friend, I joked around that maybe I had to potato-sack my enemy. Then, a few seconds after the kill so that it wouldn't be in the kill cam, I dropped my virtual nuts onto my enemies lifeless corpse and received a care package for it. I proceeded to put the controller down and walk away for a few minutes.
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