Be honest. Have you genuinely been enjoying this game?

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2 years ago#1
Overall I can't say I have. I do think Squads can be fun (Safeguard mainly), and Extinction is OK, but I'm not digging MP. All I can play is Cranked with a tiny bit of Kill Confirmed, and it's still rather boring.

When I get BO2 back from a friend, I'll have to see how I like it. I remember hating it for all the random BS, but I might warm up to it nicely after playing this snore fest. At least BO2 plays quick...
2 years ago#2
I have moments where I'm enjoying it, but I find my patience runs out 10 times faster in this game than any of the previous CODs. I also really enjoyed the campaign. Sure the story and dialogue was lame,but I enjoyed the variety of missions.
2 years ago#3
Yes, it encourages aiming skill and map knowledge
2 years ago#4
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oh ok
2 years ago#5
No. I've already gone back to Bo2 and Ghosts is the first cod that I think I'll completely abandon simply because it's not fun. It's not really a bad game, but it's just so boring. Mw3 was a terrible game, but I could easily get my daily shotgun fix from it.

The fact that all of the quickscopers, pubstars, and tryhards have moved onto ghosts has left Bo2 in a much better state as well.
2 years ago#6
Baseman posted...
Yes, it encourages aiming skill and map knowledge

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha funniest thin I've read in a while.
2 years ago#7
And not really. It's the worst in the series besides cod 3
2 years ago#8
Not really. Half my games just go by way too slowly. I even had a slow game on Strikezone earlier.
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2 years ago#9
My only REAL issue is its bad performance on PC, I dunno how much is the game's fault and how much is my hardware's. Other than that, yeah, I'm having a blast. Much more than BO2. I still go back and play BO1 and WaW though, with some MW2 sprinkled in to bask in the smooth 60 fps zero-stutter glory.

(By the way, not nearly as many people camp on PC... food for thought.)
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2 years ago#10
IMO, Best call of duty since cod4. You actually have to think and use tactics if you are playing against a good team. BO2 maps made it so predictable on where people would be. You could literarily rush to a room and close your eyes and hip fire spray into a circle for a kill. I think a lot of you guys that are not enjoying the game, need to try slowing down and adapting. You might realize you can do well and start to have fun.
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  3. Be honest. Have you genuinely been enjoying this game?

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