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4 years ago#1
Not sure if anyone comes here but I need orgin friends for a mission, does anyone want to leave their tag?
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4 years ago#2
how do you add friends i see no option for it in game
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4 years ago#3
Yeah how do you add ppl?
4 years ago#4
I think tghre's a way on the iPhone but not the Android.
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4 years ago#5
On the iPhone/iPad you can log in with origin and add friends to see their towns. There is no option to do this on Android devices yet. It even says that in the games details when you go to download it."
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4 years ago#6
Android guys can't add people, but would it be able to accept an invite?
I had an old game started on my Iphone that never went anywhere, and I need friends for that too.
I can send an invite off my old Iphone, we can try to see if work that way? I'm also curious to see why it wouldn't work between the two phones, I mean it should be on one server right?

What's your guy's Origin info?
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4 years ago#7
Go ahead and try it.

Mine is: Apostle92627
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4 years ago#8
Friend me: thegossard5
Friend my friend: miksta119
4 years ago#9
There is no way to sign in to origin with the android version. So there wouldn't be a way to accept an invite."
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4 years ago#10
Finally, not yet but it will be available, no V day either, but its only been a week right?
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