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Game of the Generation? (Archived)INKU4817/14/2014
Masterful (Archived)stargazer6439/3/2013
The original levels are no joke (Archived)stargazer6428/21/2013
stuck (Archived)vickylynn3828/20/2013
Where is the last gold lily pad? (Level 6-4) (Archived)Salduchi07178528/15/2013
OMG... such fine technique the way he maneuvers his jumps...video link (Archived)JRPG58/6/2013
Is superfrog slimey or squishy? I am sure we will find out since it is in HD! (Archived)JRPG18/4/2013
Superfrog slamdunk SLAMS the competion, enters Vita's top 10 boards (Archived)
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annnnnd they ruined it (Archived)blazikenowen68/1/2013
What are you doing until the release of Superfrog to pass the time? (Poll)cheezedadada98/1/2013
Froggy style (Archived)stargazer6478/1/2013
Can the Vita REALLY handle Superfrog HD? (Archived)JiggaVolts87/31/2013
Wait, is this really HD? (Archived)
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Release date guessing game (Archived)
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Superfrog is going to be leaps and bounds ahead of any other platformer! (Archived)bulletproofvita67/11/2013
Most anticipated Vita game? (Poll)Rotuhiiri107/4/2013
Are you buying this Day 1? (Poll)Rotuhiiri77/3/2013
This looks way better than Rayman Origins! (Archived)bulletproofvita57/3/2013
Should I get Superfrog HD or import Senran Kagura Shinovi Vs from Japan huh guys (Archived)stargazer6477/3/2013
Is Superfrog really an alternative to Sonic? (Archived)bulletproofvita27/3/2013
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