I hated the Luigi's physics.

#1sirkibble2Posted 11/14/2013 11:23:42 AM
I beat the game but I couldn't wait to finish it. Luigi's floaty and super slide-y physics were frustrating. I enjoyed the level designs but I don't want my difficulty coming from ridiculous physics. Keep the high jump and the flutter kick but leave the floaty physics to Yoshi.

It was a bumpy ride. Hope some of y'all could deal with it better.
#2phantomlord2ooPosted 12/5/2013 6:51:25 AM
Thank you!!! I had the same problem! I just got it the other day for $15 from Best Buy and the physics are killing me (in-the game at least). That and the wall jumping doesn't always work. Also the limited time makes it even more difficult on some levels when the physics don't work like you'd expect. But the graphics are really good haha.

I hope I don't come off as whiny lol. I'm only 26 and have played nearly all the Mario games and I've always found them to be fun yet challenging. But this one especially is just frustrating. I get that this game was specifically designed to be challenging but there are times where it can be down right masochistic hahaha.

I don't know how children would be able to have fun with it considering the difficulty. I almost feel bad for them who want a Mario based game but don't want to shell out $60 for New Super Mario Bros U (especially considering the length of it) and buy this instead.
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#3dementedlullabyPosted 12/7/2013 12:49:01 PM
I didn't like his physics either, I was expecting more like the other versions of Luigi rather than what we got.

I also am not a fan of the shortened time for the stages. Sometimes it's fun to blaze through a level but for the most part I prefer to take it at my own speed in Mario games.

Overall it's not awful DLC and the price was right for the content presented. I just don't find it quite as enjoyable as NSMBU. I'll go back and finish it sometime but now isn't that time.
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