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User Info: Darth_Snifflez

3 years ago#1
So I understand from these leaked achievements that you can pop different parts off actual wrestlers, then attach them to a CAW, this could be an awesome addition, I can make an alt. Razor as Hall in nWo gear? Oh hecks yeah, it may also negate the fact that this game could be the new version of LoW, if you can use realistic bodyparts, then edit them, I'm personally going to be happy, just hoping it's not a really shallow addition, because this could be cool.

Has anyone heard anything more elaborated on or the like?

User Info: TheRob

3 years ago#2

There is a video in this topic.
The People's Heel

User Info: TheMirrorMystic

3 years ago#3
TheRob posted...

There is a video in this topic.

That is a concept video, not an official one.
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