Who will be your first champions?

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? This
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Probably going to carry over from when my WWE 13 disc broke last year.


WCW/World Champion - Vader (if I can find a good CAW within the first week, otherwise Flair)
WCW United States Champion - Triple H
WCW Tag Team Champions - Owen Hart (CAW) & The British Bulldog
WCW Hardcore Champion - Kane (Classic)


TNA Champion - R-Truth
TNA TV Champion - Samoa Joe (CAW)
TNA Tag Team Champions - Bad Influence (CAWs)
TNA X-Division Champion - El Generico/Sami Zayn (CAW)


AWA Champion - Undertaker
AWA European Champion - Zangief (CAW)
AWA Tag Team Champion - The Usos (if they make it as DLC, otherwise Vacant)
Internet Champion - Zack Ryder

Velocity (Cruiserweight & Diva sub-federation) -

World Light Heavyweight Champion - Sin Cara
WCW Cruiserweight Champion - The Miz
Women's Champion - Kharma/Awesome Kong (CAW)
Diva's Tag Team Champions - Luna Vachon (CAW) and Mileena (CAW, the MK character, not the one who wrestled Alicia Fox in the best match of all time)
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wcwwolf posted...
Big question is, can you do King of the Ring for the titles? If so, I'll probably just set up tournaments for each one to take out the default champs.

Last year, you couldn't, and I don't think you can this year either. I think the only change to KotR is the ability to set it up in Universe Mode now.

You could just have an Exhibition KotR tournament for each title and then, replace the champs with the winners, though.
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