Tips to Improve Universe Auto-Booking

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Great info! Sticky requested.
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i get to simulate being HHH's shovel? sweeeeeeeeet
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It really bothers me that they use such simplistic boring booking. In real life anything can happen.
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Sticky Requested. Well done, good sir.
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great post!!! didn't know about taking guys out of the hunt for the title.
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Grayfoxr6 posted...
i get to simulate being HHH's shovel? sweeeeeeeeet


(...wait, maybe it's not appropriate to use that these days)

Really good post KingSnake. Cheers!
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great informative post this should get a sticky imo
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Edited some stuff a bit...will be interesting to see what happens here. I have just one roster of about 25 stars. Minor title is the IC belt, and Razor is champ.

both Razor and Bret have the major title set to "Off" and the minor set ranked of course. (They're in on the tag ranking although they don't have any team. Felt there was no need to cut off that option if it ever got booked that way.

The two of them just fought an exhibition biggie, the following week they're fighting in a number 1 contenders match.

I have no idea what they're trying to become the number one contender of!
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how do you request sticky? great topic tc
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evilmark443 posted...
how do you request sticky? great topic tc

I requested a sticky a bit ago, looks like it worked :D
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