Tips to Improve Universe Auto-Booking

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it got stickied.

Could I ask if this info could also be posted in the PS3 boards so it can be sticky there as well?
Also a thousand thanks for this info. I was gonna reset my universe but with this info things are gonna be better this time around.
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One more thing about PPVs and Rivalries: There is a Universe glitch (at least I'm calling it that) in which the final match in a rivalry for a title can immediately be followed by a title match for the same title. Here is an example of what I mean:

Rivalry is Hogan (c) vs. Andre.
At the fued-ending PPV, Hogan defeats Andre.
A new match suddenly appears on the card of Hogan(c) vs. Randy Savage.

You can look at this two ways. First, this is a Yokozuna / Hogan scenario and it's awesome.

Alternatively, the AI concluded your rivalry (which wasn't the main event) and checked to make sure the Main title was being defended in the Main event. Seeing that it wasn't, it booked a match vs. the number 1 contender (by the rankings). The workaround for this seems to be simply rebooking the match yourself. I recommend Goldberg vs. Heath Slater.
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So, I have to not only limit my roster size, but limit what belts they can wrestle for in order to get Universe Mode to book properly? Let's see what the Iron Sheik thinks about that.

Yeah, I agree Sheik, I agree.
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so um questions for anyone since this is universe related my money in the bank ppv had no money in the bank match? why is that?
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Did you change the theme from default to mitb?
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i didn't mess with the theme at all. i just left the ppv's as they are and at the money in the bank ppv there was no money in the bank ladder match.
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You need to change ALL of the ppv themes as they are all set to default which essentially normal matches.
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Do you have to reset your universe?
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The Sixth Child posted...
I had no idea you could turn off which title hunt people are in. This will help immensely! Thanks!

THIS. I hated seeing jobbers and midcarders fighting (and winning) my main title. This is a godsend!
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cls1983 posted...
You need to change ALL of the ppv themes as they are all set to default which essentially normal matches.

I have my Elimination Chamber PPV set to EC theme and never got the EC matches on the card, even simulated another year and the same thing happened.
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