How do I body slam Big John Studd?

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  3. How do I body slam Big John Studd?

User Info: endgel

3 years ago#1
I can't find a way to do it.

User Info: elmagnificodep

3 years ago#2
It tells you before the match starts. You get him to critical damage then hit X and X once more.
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User Info: endgel

3 years ago#3
I did that and it's a DDT that happens.

User Info: patcooper114

3 years ago#4
just grapple and hit x thats it.
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User Info: embracejg

3 years ago#5
I'm doing that, and all I'm doing is DDTing Studd over and over.

User Info: dukeballsosteel

3 years ago#6
press x once in grapple press x again lol got this my first try read the tip
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User Info: spartansbrother

3 years ago#7
he cant be stunned when you do it
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User Info: troyboy81

3 years ago#8
some people are just terrible at this game LOL!
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  3. How do I body slam Big John Studd?

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