DIesel/Undertaker Glitch?

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User Info: chitowngamer85

3 years ago#1
So I'm doing the WM Moments, currently at WM 12 with Taker vs. DIesel.

DId anyone else notice diesel getting signatures/finishers for not doing anything? Maybe i'm stupid and don't understand how this game works, but i am DESTROYING him and he's not touching me. But then i go to pick him up, and he's got another F next to his name. What's the deal?
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User Info: tombrady3to1

3 years ago#2
LOL.. sounds cheap.

User Info: copkid86

3 years ago#3
I believe that has to do with a WM Moment that you have to succeed on, or it might just be an objective to kick out of a power bomb.
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User Info: Winterblade13

3 years ago#4
The AI in WM mode is cheap/BS. Wait til later when you magically get damaged during mid match cut scenes. The matches are so obviously "staged" (I know, it's a "rasslin" game) that the AI acts different if you go off script. In the HBK/Bret match fail the first WM moment and see how different the rest of the match goes.

User Info: XDarkLordX

3 years ago#5
I think they based it off the real match. Diesel did hit Taker with two Powerbombs, but, he didn't pin him.
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User Info: WMXX

3 years ago#6
After every WM moment the game gets super cheap. I caught hell against HBK with Razor. I could have easily beat HBK but once i got down to do the irish whip into the ladder he would get super cheap and beat me.
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