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2 years ago#11
um were do I find the device code kinda of lost?
2 years ago#12
brstrange11 posted...
Thanks, entered it a few times now. It loads as you would expect but doesn't progress on to the next page and when i go back to my profile the next step remains locked... all these errors are annoying but kind of expected

Yeah trust me the next part is worse with a code that changes. Half the time it sat there loading. I did manage to trick it with duplicate page on google chrome. Might have just been lucky though.
2 years ago#13
nova7890 posted...
um were do I find the device code kinda of lost?

The wallet on the detectives card. Only thing with .com on it.
2 years ago#14
Now I'm starting to question if i have the right code, I've tried it so many times
2 years ago#15
It's the number on the message that says Czalov's mobile device is ready. With Patricia under it. I'm hoping that doesn't change as well.
2 years ago#16
Ive seen a the wallet set with a dog and a set with a jetski... when I click on the dog picture and aloha picture.. nothing comes up.. also the emilio thing doesnt work as a website
2 years ago#17
It's just Sorry, I will try and be more specific.
2 years ago#18
yeah, i got it... I just realised i was entering the ' @..'. what was I thinking. thanks anyway;) haha
2 years ago#19
Ahh finally went though, played through the in game mission... now on to the next one!
2 years ago#20
Well that was easy... ( after getting on to the website that is.)

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