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Important question on the map and gameplayGTAtrivium76212/28 8:03PM
What does everyone hate about this game?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Ezsprinter1212/28 3:44AM
Worth $20?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
slayer1515151512/27 4:17PM
For people who are buying and expecting the 60 min dlc to work
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
CronoGuyver1512/27 3:59PM
Watch Dogs Fun MomentsJCrimson95412/26 10:56AM
spec ops weapons not in Bad Blood?shinchikudo112/23 9:21AM
Do NOT buy, you may never finish it. Act 5 ruined this game (spoilers)istuffedsunny1012/22 2:21PM
Why is the main voice acting lacking compared to the civilians?Flash-Incentive112/21 7:45AM
The soundtrack is criminally underratedsarmandar412/21 7:44AM
A 'Mistake' in the Assassins Creed Easter Eggs (Spoilers for both the games)Thundasiussnake412/15 1:00PM
Need co-op partner for Bad Blood DLC co-op trophiesChaoticKnuckles112/15 7:20AM
I have 2 identical characters, both level 120+EmoBanger69312/14 10:45AM
Watch Dogs vs GTA V Next Gen - Who's the graphics King now?robcram812/14 1:22AM
DLC codes (Closed)prankster69212/12 9:01AM
Is it possible to upgrade progress from ps3 to ps4?mauro_2029112/10 7:42AM
Watch dogs is not bad at all! The ground work is there for an amazing franchise!john11ver44212/8 9:36PM
base game required to play bad blood DLC? (Archived)MetroidHunter13212/8 1:32PM
Huh.... So doing some privacy invasions and noticed something wrong... (Archived)Arkia112/7 6:52PM
Need friend to boost online Trophies (Archived)SusySusay94412/7 9:01AM
Is the ps4 extra content worth it? (Archived)Ambies_Boy512/6 3:07PM
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