Some Dragon Tear Sphere Locations

#1hirer23Posted 3/30/2013 9:06:56 PM
I couldn't answer you as the subject was locked, hopefully its alright to share what I found:

(Location)__(Monster/Person)___(Sphere)_______(Amount of times found)

Metalpolis: Jewel Gangster- ____Earth Sphere______1

Atlantis:___Amphirite - ________Wind Sphere______ 3

Atlantis:___Basalisk - _________Fire Sphere_______ 2

Atlantis:___Demeter - _________Wind Sphere ______1

Fire Isle:___Senior Garm - _____Water Sphere______1

This is off my memory but 100% each of these locations drop spheres to evolve at level 50
I have not found the lightning sphere yet or any of the level 100 Jades. Good luck, I love this game, PVP a bit unbalanced but still fun!
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Update! I found some more!


Amphrodite_____Water Sphere

Runespoor______Water Sphere

Cleito__________Lightning Sphere