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How to get the uber secret technique in this game? (Archived)578t7645uyb516/2 4:54PM
Hull armor wood (Archived)Ary25/27 3:13AM
Anywhere to get a save game with the community challenge unlocks? (Archived)Jabodie15/10 11:17AM
Need Help Getting Sacred Land (Archived)fierce_deity1312/18 11:41AM
Your thoughts on Multiplayer "Newbs"? (Archived)ArrancarX512/13 7:36PM
Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag Multiplayer (Archived)BrainyRoger29110/28 5:20AM
SOCIAL EVENTS: Post Location Here! Royal Fleet / White Whale / Social Chest (Archived)daede910/22 7:14PM
How to check fps (Archived)easycompany6849/16 5:50PM
Does PC version have any mods ??? (Archived)Splatulated79/9 9:21AM
Quick question about steam (Archived)easycompany6848/31 4:59PM
standard uplay version on sale for $11.99 at gamestop.com (Archived)wanderz18/31 4:58AM
Is my PC not up to snuff for this? (Archived)Blak4xis38/16 2:31AM
I'm pretty sure my game is broken. Can't find a single treasure chest (Archived)OrangeWizard28/10 1:27AM
Gameplay of AC4 (Archived)Voxumo38/10 1:25AM
LF: Social Events! Help! (Archived)polarwind128/8 9:56AM
Having issues running through Uplay (Archived)DarkenedLight0318/8 7:57AM
any way to play without dloading dlc (Archived)Smash_Adams18/7 10:45AM
Slow Camera Problem (Archived)Skeet198317/18 3:43AM
Yay! 25% of the way through game and it won't save now! (Archived)Rottenmonk17/16 9:25AM
Sacred Land/Lab Technician (Archived)-NoMaD-17/10 2:12AM
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