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Sacred Land/Lab Technician (Archived)-NoMaD-17/10/2014
Gunslinger/ Pistol MP challenge (Archived)Cicatriz_ESP17/9/2014
Does anyone know how I can put a save onto my steam version of AC4 (Archived)MARKINGRAM2247/5/2014
Looking for friends for Lab Technician Achievement (Archived)XottaMattoX16/29/2014
Can i run it at 60fps on lowest settings? (Archived)mayu78026/27/2014
social chest (Archived)TheDinners16/27/2014
I think that does it...I'm never buying another Uplay game again (Archived)MARKINGRAM2296/25/2014
Which to upgrade? (Archived)Defilex9556/22/2014
Is there a way to play this in a window (Archived)thanthen16/17/2014
Crash on launch, any ideas? (Archived)BerserkLeon36/16/2014
looking for friends for white whales and royal convoys (Archived)
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Game freezes up on me everytime at a certain part of the game. (Archived)Critcal5015/29/2014
So I played the game and when I came back it had to reinstall Direct X.. (Archived)Critcal5015/27/2014
Slow Aim/Camera (Archived)Skeet198315/11/2014
Is UPLAY not working for anyone else while online? (Archived)MARKINGRAM2215/8/2014
Golden Pistols Glitch? (Archived)armand615/6/2014
Looking for a patch to unlock the community unlocks. (Archived)Chielz0r15/6/2014
Why does multiplayer run better than single player? (Archived)BrandonCalo14/29/2014
Control Issue - Game thinks down button is being held at all times (Archived)Desmondia14/20/2014
Conversation with the CCO at the start (possible minor spoilers) (Archived)KojiAsakura24/20/2014
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