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Help Please, This is so annoying. There must be a way to fix this.Phaldun13/28 12:51PM
Those moments when you're further ahead than the story... *possible spoilers*Maximillian3713/22 2:26AM
gunpowder plot bugggggg (Archived)lokostilll23/12 5:26PM
Need help on freeing the sage (Archived)ZapokeTheBoss13/1 11:00AM
Any reason I have the Matched Gold Swords at the start of the game? (Archived)soliunasm12/28 7:17PM
El Impoluto Fighting Strategy (Archived)punycats10112/6 7:35AM
Uplay friends for social events etc. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... 39, 40, 41, 42, 43 ]
Zenxin4222/5 7:29AM
Weapons in replay (Archived)kelvingabaldonc42/1 12:11PM
No Upgrade Plan for "Heavy Shot"!!! (Archived)gimesum851/12 11:26PM
Best ship you can add to your fleet? (Archived)DrSmiley7221/3 7:10PM
Any serious players up for Wolfpack? (Archived)kingnothing409112/21 10:27AM
what is your favorite line of dialog (Archived)ajh813412/18 9:49AM
videos in real world not working (Archived)neohunter1884212/17 11:31PM
Confusion about firing weapons on the Jackdaw (Archived)jimmybog312/17 2:10PM
keep the joystick held to the left to auto-taunt during the pre-match lineup (Archived)Xbox-36O112/13 3:43PM
i think the ranking was frozen for weeks now since i was 154 for weeks (Archived)Xbox-36O312/13 12:47AM
Better on 360 or PS3? (Archived)gameaddict4life112/6 10:06PM
just saw bigfoot in the woods on one of the islands.... (Archived)DDP886311/20 6:05PM
How do I know which guard to kill in Wolfpack? (Archived)wigsplasher211/13 3:30PM
what do we do with a drunken sailer, what do we do with a drunken sailer... (Archived)bulletproofvita511/12 9:14PM
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