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what is your favorite line of dialogajh813312/15 6:37PM
keep the joystick held to the left to auto-taunt during the pre-match lineupXbox-36O112/13 2:43PM
i think the ranking was frozen for weeks now since i was 154 for weeksXbox-36O312/12 11:47PM
Confusion about firing weapons on the Jackdawjimmybog212/12 11:46PM
Uplay friends for social events etc.
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... 38, 39, 40, 41, 42 ]
Zenxin41112/7 3:28PM
Better on 360 or PS3?gameaddict4life112/6 9:06PM
videos in real world not workingneohunter1884112/2 11:41PM
just saw bigfoot in the woods on one of the islands.... (Archived)DDP886311/20 5:05PM
How do I know which guard to kill in Wolfpack? (Archived)wigsplasher211/13 2:30PM
what do we do with a drunken sailer, what do we do with a drunken sailer... (Archived)bulletproofvita511/12 8:14PM
is multiplayer dead? (Archived)freecom01211/10 2:49PM
I want my ship to have bad ass black sails! (Archived)Lateralusgt411/9 5:26PM
Is this game worth 30$? (Archived)BJudzer710/29 10:43AM
Going from PS3 to PS4 (Savegame Question) (Archived)nightslide110/25 8:27PM
DAMN, those legendary ships were fun except for one... (Archived)Lateralusgt110/24 10:21PM
Can't equip swords! (Archived)WalrusIam710/21 2:05PM
The Most Unique Kills in Assassins Creed Games: a look back at all the games (Archived)aurllcooljay210/9 4:58PM
How Do I Get Back Into The Animus After The Epilogue? (Archived)nickgiamatti75210/1 9:23PM
Which hunting is better This one (Black flags) or assassins creed 3? (Archived)devinwifi29/21 3:49PM
Don't want the game to save (Archived)MadsBear39/16 1:27PM
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