who is the voice actor for James Kidd? *spoiler*

#11Strakadh_OFPosted 11/2/2013 12:58:22 AM
I instantly pegged Kidd for a woman, but then I heard people referring to her as "Him, He, His" and Im thinking wtf is going on here? I know shes only 19 but damn you don't have to sound like a cherubic 13 year old boy. Then I started leering at her, looking for breast bumps. Even with that big ass scar I was thinking man that face is too pretty to be a guy.

It never really sat well with me until she thankfully revealed herself to me last night....ya that sounds bad playing the story.

Ya, that really bugged me lol I guess because I cant stand effeminate men, it was just off. Honestly that wouldn't have tricked anyone IRl
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"You know nothing, John snow". Lol pretty sure it's Rose leslie AKA Ygritte from game of thrones.
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well i put spoiler cause she had to have fooled someone. i called it from the moment i heard her, but i was like yeah yeah..... maybe you are..... and honestly, when she was on top of the windmill, i was more interested in her what looked like cutting her finger and i was discussing it with my boyfriend and then the camera angle switched and showed her and my response was..... uh...... you an extra from rocky horror or something? she looks better as a boy..... looks too butch to be a girl.

and yeah. been working on the end, but me and my bf are sharing a file that i run around and random stuff on during the time he's at work and he does story line. except him getting to plot takes 500 forevers cause this game is like, A.D.D.'s worst nightmare. he sees a man o war and goes after it. or a shark....

and she does sound like that chick. one of my friends keep saying that. i'll gove her imdb page a look but i doubt it is her. she has GoT, though, so i dont think it's her.
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killpay posted...
"You know nothing, John snow". Lol pretty sure it's Rose leslie AKA Ygritte from game of thrones.

I dont even want to check credits. I hope its her. Sounds spot on.
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She was a real Pirate! check it out.


and at the bottom you can find this:
"Mary Read, Anne Bonny and Calico Jack all appear in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Mary takes the alias of James Kidd - bastard son of William Kidd"

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