How do you obtain fire barrles in the Kenways Fleet mini-game?

#1Klop_JobPosted 11/2/2013 1:31:28 PM
I've used up all of the fire barrels and can't participate in any "ship battles" as I have no fire power.

#2Maddogg59Posted 11/2/2013 1:32:51 PM
You can participate, you just can't use Triangle to use Fire barrels and just have to wait for you ships to fire there cannons instead
#3Klop_Job(Topic Creator)Posted 11/2/2013 1:35:15 PM
I see. So the game does that automatically, firing the cannons during ship battles? Is there no way obtain fire barrels though?
#4bish0p2004Posted 11/2/2013 1:36:14 PM
I used all of mine up too, but I randomly got rewarded with two more after playing it more.
#5Maddogg59Posted 11/2/2013 1:36:49 PM
Yeah the game does that automatically, you see the target next to your ship, when that fills up then your ship will shoot. I'm not sure how to get the barrels, still wondering that myself
#6bish0p2004Posted 11/2/2013 1:40:50 PM
^ I'm pretty sure you can only get them (albeit randomly and rarely) from doing more ship battles. I got two (after using mine up) from two different battles at different times.
#7OhhSnapPosted 11/2/2013 2:04:08 PM
You can get them by helping other people's ships.
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