Can you use other ships besides your default?

#1Megatron1111Posted 11/5/2013 8:38:41 PM
Can you captain other ships like a man o' war or are you stuck with the default. I know you can add ships to your fleet but can you actually use them in battle?
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#2tabby3Posted 11/5/2013 8:43:18 PM
Only durring very specific story missions.
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#3nocute_nicknamePosted 11/5/2013 8:47:17 PM
I was wondering about this too, but this is not gta!
#4OhhSnapPosted 11/5/2013 10:06:08 PM
I wish you could do that. Or at least color the exterior of your ship. I want a hunter ship, or a ship with the hunter colors.
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#5tabby3Posted 11/5/2013 10:29:07 PM
Well, you can get Crimson (red) sails, and when upgraded, either the 3rd or 4th upgrade has black and red coloring for the hull of the it sorta looks like a hunter Brig (provided you have the ram).
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