elite heavy shot

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User Info: SanitariumJKL

3 years ago#1
In the description for the elite heavy shot it says it can be fired twice per reload. What does this mean exactly? I assume by reload they mean the recharge period before you can fire them off again, but after upgrading I can still only shoot it once. What am I missing?

User Info: powerpac316

3 years ago#2
Yeah I would like to know the answer to this as well. I can only fire once per recharge too. Is the description just misleading and its just a faster reload or what?

User Info: iesus

3 years ago#3
No offense but what in the world would even be the point of combat anymore if you could just semi-auto your cannons? It'd be like any GTA drive-by
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User Info: almondthegreat

3 years ago#4
How do you use heavy shot? is it just the same as the standard cannons, only you have to be closer?

User Info: zero3384

3 years ago#5
to use the heavy shot, just fire your broadside cannons without doing a manual aim, best way to use em, get alongside a ship and there ya go
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User Info: fallenKlNG

3 years ago#6
iesus posted...
No offense but what in the world would even be the point of combat anymore if you could just semi-auto your cannons? It'd be like any GTA drive-by

Huh? Nobody said anything about semi-auto firing the cannons. TC thought the description meant he could manually fire the heavy shots twice before having to reload.

Sorry, I don't know either. Hopefully someone else has the answer.
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User Info: RKO_Viper

3 years ago#7

I have this upgrade and it doesn't seem like the time in between shots is any faster.
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User Info: TruTrini4LIFE

3 years ago#8
Seriously nobody didn't figure this out yet? Was going to ask this same question but TC posted it perfectly already

User Info: pev34

3 years ago#9
I'm only about 15% into the game, and maybe I missed it, but do I have to do anything different to fire mortar instead of broadside cannon normal/heavy shot? I know the chain and cannon switches automatically, but I assume shot and mortar does not. Kind of wish there was a training ground so I could hone my skills a bit, trying and desyncing gets old.

Playing PS3 version. Thanks!

User Info: FearOfTheLight

3 years ago#10
^ L2. To aim your mortars.
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