royal convoys, social chests and White whales

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2 years ago#21
Those aren't royal convoys, those are naval convoys. The R on the icon stands for Real, which is the currency, not royal. They're basically just ships with money. Royal convoys you have to run into, and the icons will be blue, like the white whales and social chests.
2 years ago#22
add me too:
PSN: Yamato117
2 years ago#23
I'm online, have friends with the game, and have put dozens of hours into sea travel. Not one royal convoy or white whale, only a few social chests. I'm starting to fear it's some sort of bug and I'll never get the last trophy. :(
2 years ago#24
Ive heard that ubisoft is looking in to fixing this sometime in January. Keep your fingers crossed! This certainly is an annoying achievement that a lot of us covet
2 years ago#25
Add me as well.

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2 years ago#26
I can't find on my own, and the ones my friends find wont show up for me either... All my online options are set to "on." This is defiantly annoying.... It shows I'm connected... I can do the fleet mini game, and play multiplayer. I was even alerted about the community challenge to plunder like 2mill ships. This is giving me a headache... =@
2 years ago#27
Guys i'm playing right now. I was sharing fairly well back when a few of my friends played but currently none are. Just go ahead and add me as i'm playing right now. Maybe we can help each other out.
PSN: Rhayth
2 years ago#28
I'd like to get in on some of this action.
PSN: jmedno5891
2 years ago#29
Add me please

PSN: SirYoegoe
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2 years ago#30
iStormywatersi no white whale yet but I have a few chests
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