Ok - Seriously, how do you beat the Impoluto? (North West Legendary Ship)

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Legend053180 posted...
There's a YouTube video that shows you this, but...
Set a waypoint marker on Impoluto. Watch the numbers, at 575, the cutscene starts. So just before that slow down and release the wheel. The cutscene will play and you will be free to run around the jackdaw. Go out to the front and wait on Impoluto to ram you. Jump to Impoluto's deck and stab errybody.
Go back to Jackdaw, shoot once, collect your reward.
You're welcome.

Why would anyone want to ruin one of only 4 legendary ship battles like this? >_>;;
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Logicmonger posted...
metallica1fan posted...
... less than two tries...

< 2 == 1

lol. I mean to say two or less tries (ie. if I didn't get it on the first attempt, I did on the second)...
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The winning strategy is definitely to be very very aggressive and avoid being t-boned. Ensure that you hit it from every direction available and don't let up.

Mortar it on approach, then chain shot, as it passes give it everything, then fire barrels, turn and chase with mortars and chain shot, rinse and repeat. The key thing is to not let the ship breath.

Also, don't get tangled up with its bow, even if you both appear to be stationary because it cheats and can deal a devastating blow from a standing start (got to love how bosses don't apply normal game physics to themselves).

Took me about dozen attempts but finally did it with the aggressive method after wasting time being more strategic.
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Finally beat that damn ship yesterday....by FAR that hardest ship in the game.

- always "brace" (including when she's about to ram you)
- avoid getting "t-boned"
- be aggressive and try to ram her, then heavy shot, swivel, brace (in that order)
- mortars when she's sailing out (that bit of life you take away could be the difference in winning the battle!)
- fire barrels. When there is an impact, stop to maneuver quickly for a heavy shot (if you're lucky)

Good luck.
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One of the few ships I beaten and this was on the PC version which is 50% harder than console. I had elite/maxed out everything on my ship for weapons and armor except fr the Fire barrels. If he was going to RAM me I made sure that my ship would be the one giving damage instead of taking it. I Usually tried to stay behind him where he cant really get to you. Mortars do so very little damage to these ships its really not worth using it. Even with how upgraded I was it was still fairly hard to beat them.
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PC version is harder?
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