Are there non-social white whales out there?

#1JarlathazzardPosted 12/26/2013 6:01:47 PM
There is a spot north of Jiguey (around 583,601) where a white whale jumps out of the water every time I'm sailing through there. The game, however, never says anything about it and I can't initiate the harpoon mini-game.

I've read that white whales are social events and that they get shared. However, there must be non-social white whales, right? The "Legend" section of the map lists both a white icon and a blue one for the white whale. The same goes for chests and naval convoys.

Has anybody found an offline white whale?
#2LonestarrMHPosted 1/3/2014 10:01:02 PM
There aren't any non-social white whales however, you can buy white whale skins from a harbormaster for 20,000r.

Not sure if is available at all harbormasters but you definitely can buy them.
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