Sacred Land Achievement boost

#1Sam_LegacyPosted 1/29/2014 5:59:31 AM
It's a hard achievement to do solo.
I'm making a team to help everyone out.
Looking for 3-7 people.
Add me on xbox one: Sam Legacy
#2Sam_Legacy(Topic Creator)Posted 1/29/2014 6:29:12 PM
We will do it 2v2 clan
#3bookewormPosted 1/30/2014 10:25:08 AM
I'd be up for this!

GT: Bookeworm
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#4BlackphantPosted 1/30/2014 4:51:40 PM
I'm down to do this. What time?
GT: The Moerae
PSN: TheMoerae
#5BlackphantPosted 1/31/2014 1:15:14 AM
Well I'm still around if anyone wants to do this.
GT: The Moerae
PSN: TheMoerae
#6nathan264Posted 2/2/2014 4:21:07 PM
Hey I'm down for this on xbox one just add my gt nathan264