So I was playing chainlink today...

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User Info: danpaves

2 years ago#1
and on the map propaganda. I shot this guy peering out a window on the second floor of a building near objective D I think and he sends me a message saying "I would tell you to shoot yourself but aimbot doesn't exist in real life and you would miss". What the hell does that mean? Is he saying I was cheating?
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User Info: terrysmay04

2 years ago#2
apparently so
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User Info: Double991

2 years ago#3
"Mad Bro" detected!
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User Info: killy666

2 years ago#4
Mad bros like this are the best. Got one that accused me of camping because i killed him two times while he went for me while i was capturing C in Market.
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User Info: OCRAZYGun

2 years ago#5
Is there a way to report people on PSN like on Xbox live?
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User Info: Warlord329

2 years ago#6
I got the same message a few weeks ago too dan, probably the same guy.
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User Info: J-Fly

2 years ago#7
How about someone was renting a server and only uses tanks and sent me a message asking me to stop C4'ing his tank........hilarious. I didn't stop by the way.
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