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Tomorrow's Premium Battlepackhondagod_92810/25 6:42PM
so final stand not happening next week, pushed to November??RoscoePNoChainz710/25 1:54AM
Only in Battlefield 4....
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Honourable_Tea1410/24 4:33PM
My friend and I grew sick of playing normally.
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Rawrman151510/24 4:03PM
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Where do I find 32-64 man domination?TheShadowGod210/24 3:55PM
mosy powerful anti vehicle weaponBryonySkyforge210/24 3:25PM
Need some advice, Is this worth getting (non-premium)? About to visit gamestop. (Poll)xSoldier24x410/23 3:31PM
I see the Premium version is almost this game still worth it?
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Takuru1310/23 8:48AM
Lol at today's POTDit_r_over9000210/23 7:37AM
Haven't played this since China rising, just purchased the season pass.DarkJaydragon310/23 7:00AM
Would you prefer a 'classic' Battlefield, or Battlefield 5!? (Poll)Yi Long310/22 11:20PM
looking for new players to play conquest withqueirotacobell210/22 3:10PM
Teh RorschHonourable_Tea110/21 12:33PM
Has anything new happened with this game?RealSlyCooper710/20 1:41PM
What's the funniest thing you've ever witnessed?
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OrangePoet3710/19 10:09AM
Mic problems...yagato_pein210/18 2:54PM
Hardcore mode makes sniping with the JNG-90 more tolerable...
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Honourable_Tea1210/17 6:33PM
Wish we could play against bots
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TheShadowGod1910/17 11:10AM
Do you need to cancel premium? Does it renew itself?RD_21510/17 1:59AM