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I figured out how to get past the lag post patch!!! (chat with EA advisor) (Archived)
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This video perfectly sums up bf4. (Archived)G4M3R4353/9/2014
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The bomber in CR makes me want to kill myself. (Archived)ZephyrSSX93/9/2014
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What are you talking about saying this game is broken? (Archived)
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How do I use the xp boosts from battle packs? (Archived)kcoin1753/9/2014
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OP Metro B flag (Archived)
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Who here's played BF2 Modern Combat? (Archived)
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just got this today. no severe issues so far (Archived)Ariston1933/9/2014
Would anyone like to EDO with me? (Archived)xMachRiderx103/9/2014
So, I just got a 200% and a 100% boost from a gold battlepack. (Archived)Rawrman1593/9/2014
Did I miss an update or something? This game is still unplayable for me (Archived)cookieboy7073/8/2014
What's your current favorite LMG and Shotgun post patch? (Archived)
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